All the activities and events within the project network will be communicated to local and international printed and electronic media.

Educational Portal. Phase 1

Conception and design of educational portal:
Interactive tale (games related to the art words). Glossary for contemporary art tendencies.

For adults and for childs. Play together.

Writing texts and selections of the images.

Leader KGLU

Educational Portal. Phase 2

Programming and artist design. Editiion and texts correction.

Leader KLGU

Educational Portal. Phase 3

Translations in the 5 languages of the project: CAT, EN, HR, SI, SR.
Uploading the material.

Leader KGLU

Press conference at MSU

Press conference in Zagreb to present the Performing the Museum Project and partners.

Reader. Phase 1

Compilation of material concerning experimental exhibitions held in 2015.

Commissioning theoretical texts around the topic Performing the Museum (each partner has to produce two texts).

Partner leader MSUV

Reader. Phase 2

Proofreadin, translation and editing texts for the reader.

Leader MSUV