Curatorial residencies and meetings should serve as a base to the future collaborations and partnership among partners institutions, as well as exchange of artworks, documentation and personnel. Not only participants institutions will be in the focus of the residencies, but also its cultural context as well. Large number of interpreters, artists, theorist, cultural workers, performers and researchers that will be involved in the joint project will share their experiences and knowledges among them and with the audience.

12 May 2016 10H00 - 14 May 2016 15H30

Third Project Meeting - FAT
Fundació Antoni Tàpies

12 May 2016 10H00 - 14 May 2016 15H00

Third Project Meeting - FAT

First meeting in the MSU Museum. Discussion on the reader, on the following exhibitions and of the Andreja Kulunčić Audience Project. Agenda and final report.

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