The museums participating on the project aim at re-evaluating and rethinking their resources: archives, collections and working methods in order to develop their potentials by creating knowledge and connecting the various types of audiences. The traditional roles of the contemporary art museum are changing: its most important activities are no longer merely storage, studying and exhibiting of artworks, but also an active involvement with the museum’s audience. For this reason, the project will develop combination of exhibitions ans educational programs based on participatory approach, intended for both, the audience and the staff.

25 October 2016 de 11:33 - 12:33

Karol Radziszewski: Queer Archives Institute
Muzej suvremene umjetnosti Zagreb - MSU

On October 25, (11 AM– 6 PM), alongside collaborators, graphic designer Rafaela Dražić, filmmaker Ana Opalić and others, Radziszewski will present his research and the activities of the Queer Archives Institute via pop-up intervention in his temporary office located in the permanent collection of The Museum of Contemporary Art. Queer Archives Institute temporary office will also present the final stage of the preparation of DIK Fagazine special edition dedicated to the history and the collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb.

In his work, the artist Karol Radziszewski aims to retrieve the discarded, neglected, and minor from the dominant discourse of art history, accessing stories which have been considered less important or offensive, such as female art, queer art and sexuality. During his residency in Zagreb, Radziszewski engaged not only with certain parts of the MSU collection, but also with historical events and characters, which of course contributed to the inclusion of parts of the untold history of the LGBT culture and the history in which institutional and non-institutional art history intersect.

Karol Radzizsewski’s artist-in-residence is part of the Performing the Museum program. Performing the Museum project is co –funded by the EU’s Creative Europe program, by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.

Queer Archives Institute special appearance in MSU permanent collections organized in collaboration with Queer Zagreb Season.